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Top 10 Health Careers Opportunity Programs

When we want to consider which of the programs in terms of health and well-being is the best; or at least classify what are the best options for our professional future once we have decided to consecrate our life to the health and well-being of people.

We must mention those that offer 3 main characteristics; something we call the triangle of job stability. This triangle is composed by the following vertices

  • Opportunity for expansion
  • Salary above average
  • Minimum unemployment rate

If a program of any health and wellness career can offer to those who take it a high value in the three points mentioned above; then it deserves to be taken into account. And that is why we have decided to list them here according to our personal opinion and the data we have collected.

The Top 10 Health Careers Opportunity Programs 


According to many statistical studies, those who choose the Dentistry program are those who have the clearest opportunities for success.

With the high demand of people seeking the health, well-being and beauty of their teeth; As well as the appearance of so many new and powerful technologies, the profession of the dentist is one of the ones that offers the most opportunity to grow within the guild.

Most dentists exercise their care by caring for patients of all ages, and this is one of the career paths that most favor the building of private practice.

According to the statistics managed by Spelman College, a dentist dedicated to his profession can spend 36 hours a week within his private practice; Most surprising, is that 33 hours are dedicated to treating their patients directly.

That is why the unemployment rate of the people who choose this program opportunity is only 0.1%; where that small value represents those who are still in the process of consolidating their own private practice.

Critical Care Emergency Medical Transport Paramedic

Unfortunately, both accidents and emergencies occur every day. Unbeknownst to us, a normal night with our friends can easily turn into a tragedy.

And many of us forget that before the doctors inside the emergency room, there is a whole world where every effort is made to give that person a few more seconds; because that is the time it takes to completely change the life of a person and all their loved ones.

The Critical Care Emergency Medical Transport Program Paramedic is one of the most demanding of those who exercise after it has culminated. Not only physically, but also emotionally.

Although the personal satisfaction rate varies widely from member to member, the vertices that make up the triangle of job stability are one of the highest aim.

Many people think that a paramedic who has taken this path in their career has no chance to grow more professional; But those who have devoted their lives to being paramedics understand that every effort they make defines whether a person manages to survive or not.

Speech-Language Pathology Assistant

The number of patients who manage an SLP can be really overwhelming. Especially when their patients are located mostly in a school or in the child population of a community.

As an assistant, the functions cover all those that the licensed SLP has; so most of those who choose to take this program are always candidates for licensing, through (for example) the NC Board.

There are no simple cases for an SLP; so an assistant should be familiarized not only with the conditions but also with the patients and their families themselves. For this reason it is one of the alternatives where there is greater personal satisfaction.

As Speech-Language Pathology Assistant, the person can aim to grow enormously, it all depends on their acceptance by the community and their performance. So the opportunities for better salaries are the order of the day.

However, when faced with many cases of deficiency of oral motor skills, fluency and ACC (augmentative / alternative communication) as well as receptive and expressive language; Most SLPs agree that the greatest pay is to be able to listen to a fluid and cheerful Doctor.

Practical Nursing

One of the most difficult careers to follow because of its complexity. This program offers so many ranges that the student may feel not only complete and fulfilled, but also really prepared to face whatever.

The level of unemployment for people who have followed this program is 0.02%, so it could be considered simply nil. From public health center to the most prestigious clinics, all require a good team really qualified for the innumerable tasks to be carried out in the field of nursing.

All programs offer professional growth opportunity, such as apply to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN); and always hand in hand with working hours, which is a great opportunity.

It is for its advantages and excellent remuneration that to be able to apply to him, many institutions demand great requirements; not just physical examination, drug testing and research to rule out a criminal background. CPR certification or American Red Cross certification may also be required.

However, it is one of the races with the highest rate of personal satisfaction. People who practice nursing are those that are most linked to health and well-being.

Health Care Management

What happens when you unfortunately do not have credentials? Although it is a scenario that nobody wants to deal with; of course that is the reality for many. But that is no reason to give up your vocation and your desire to impart health and well-being.

The Health Care Management program prepares the student for a myriad of activities that can be performed by himself in small work groups, however; in large groups, you will work with a chief administrator and more than one assistant.

Although the salary that a Health Care Management can earn depends a great deal on the final environment in which you are working; this is one of the positions that has more workload, therefore it requires many hours of dedication and that is why it deserves a place in the top 10 of this list.

The opportunities to expand, to become known, to grow professionally, to help people and become a key part of the health and wellness guild; Are so many that make Health Care Management’s career an unrivaled alternative.

The unemployment rate is so low for those who have completed this program, because the work is very demanding; you will have to spend many hours, but every second will be worth it.

Pharmacy Technology

Pharmacy Technology or just Pharmacy, are programs that offer the student an incredible possibility of expansion and in which he will always be working hand in hand with patients and professionals all devoted to helping others.

They are the key among the world’s great drugstores and the final product that will reach the different distribution centers, where they will later be delivered to the patients.

During the career, the student will even learn to grow plants and to relate to medicines in their most primitive forms; Thus achieving an interpretation of the chemistry of drugs at a very deep level.

Being the right arm of the pharmaceutical chemist, they are able to make decisions as important as this and even, it is thanks to their help and that they are there to give a second opinion; which the pharmaceutical industry has managed to thrive exponentially in recent years.

There are very few who choose this race, so the level of competition is low, which translates into an almost zero rate of unemployment. A salary more than fair and comfortable; and an incredible personal satisfaction that still leaves room to continue climbing positions within the guild.

Physician Assistant           

Many people have great doubts when choosing between PA or becoming a Doctor. For the main reason that most health and wellness students choose this program is: Lateral Mobility.

By graduating as a general practitioner you can work in any specialty you want; without additional studies. Since the average salary of a PA ranges from US$150,000 to US$175,000; In addition to the aforementioned Lateral Mobility, is one of the careers where its graduates feel more satisfied with their decision.

Many students have that sense of doubt or even regret after choosing a career program. However, this is not the case for those who choose the path of a Physician Assistant.

The worst scenario will depend on the type of person to (and with whom) you are working. And I mean your immediate boss, not people. Although the same could be said to apply to the rest of the careers offered by these programs.

If you are one of the people who want to embrace everything that entails the health and well-being of people; then the PA career program is right for you. As it is designed for those professionals who cannot stay long in one site because of their desire for constant learning.

Nurse Anesthetist

That is, despite having previously appointed the infirmary, could not simply ignore the Nurse Anesthetist program. And is that in the operating room are many situations at the same time, so responsibilities must be distributed intelligently.

Hence the position of Nurse Anesthetist is so necessary; In fact, this position is so key that an Anesthetist has the authority to suspend a scheduled operation if he notices something unusual in the patient before taking him to the operating table.

Also, on the shoulders of the Anesthetist lies the responsibility of knowing what dose to apply, knowing that an error can cost the patient’s life by immersing him in a dream from which he will never leave; Or to wake up in the middle of surgery.

All this level of authority and responsibility is reflected in his salaries, and the respect he receives from his colleagues.


The program of Optometry prepares the professionals of the guild that society so badly needs to be able to combat one of the greatest problems of health and well-being. The health of people’s eyes is becoming more and more compromised every day; more and more people are spending long hours of their day sitting in front of a monitor.

Even from a very young age, children are beginning to use technological devices that accelerate the process of wearing their eyes. Lenses are no longer for the elderly; and lenses cannot remain the solution.

New technologies have been developed and perfected, all to combat different eye problems in people. All these advances have been possible thanks to the professionals who decided to dedicate their careers to the health of people’s eyes.

This is why unemployment rates are so low for professionals who choose this program. Whether in your own private practice or in a research center. The Optometrist will always get a place in the field to help people.

Public Health

Health and Well-being brought to the larger stage. Beyond a community or being held in the premises of a hospital or clinic; the professionals who decide to go for the Public Health program are facing great monsters that threaten the health of cities and entire countries day by day.

Those countries in which public health is not taken with the importance it should, is where the greatest tragedies occur and even people suffer from diseases that were believed to be totally missing.

A definitely demanding career program, and the work after it is done is equally tough, since the patients to be treated can be thousands at the same time. But for that very reason, it is one of the careers that fits the personalities of those who really want to save the world.


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