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Top 10 Entry Level and High Salaries Healthcare Jobs



Every professional has a story to tell. Most in the healthcare sector began with giving home calls as health aides. The beauty of this being, flexible hours and also being a certified health aide is not a major requirement in many states. It is also a job with opportunities for growth. The demand for health aides is growing as more and more people require home care.

From this level, one can easily go on to being a nurse or medical assistant.

This category of workers earn from $6 to $12 per hour.

2. Certified Medical Assistant

The CMAs check the vital signs of a patient prepare them for medical procedures and take their vital signs. Their patient care is of greater scope and exposure. They can work in more places. These can go on to become nurses, do medical records and transcriptions.

They earn between $9 to $18 an hour.

3. Chief Nursing Assistant

These assistants work under Licensed Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses. They help in feeding, bathing and dressing, basic patient care procedures. Just like the Home Health Aide, certification is not compulsory but is a definite plus for future opportunities. Aim higher to move to the next level of career growth. Most Chief Nursing Assistants further become Licensed Practical Nurses or Registered Nurses. They can also go for medical assistants, physical occupational therapists or physician assistants.

They earn between $8 to $15 per hour.

4. Medical billing/coding

This requires attention to detail, high level of organizational skills. Medical coding and billing exposes you to the growing field of ever growing medical records. This is a field that requires you to keep a high level of confidentiality as you are dealing with private patient information. A job with demand as well as a demanding job in that every heath care facility is in need of a billing or coding assistant and also it is a busy job. You can also do medical transcriptions or become a medical assistant.

Earning is between $9 to $22.

5. Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists help other professionals in the healthcare sector in that they assist in transcription of medical reports for example, chart reviews operations, ER visits and. They are exposed to detailed and vast knowledge of medical practices and play a key role for any hospital or clinic. This is a job well in demand. The demand for medical transcriptionist is growing by the day.Medical transcriptionists can parlay their experience into careers as, medical assistants, or health information technologists and medical secretaries.

They earn from $10 – $20/hr.

6. Medical Secretary

This is a great career if you like the field of medicine minus the clinical procedures. You do the record keeping and do not get to do any clinical procedures. They update patient records, bill patients and insurance companies among many other things. They can specialize in billing or medical transcription and if they so desire, can also venture into being medical assistants.

They earn from $10-$20 an hour.

7. Massage Therapist

This is a good job with a great deal of hands-on experience in dealing with many kinds of patients. There is an increased demand for this group as many people embrace alternative ways of healthcare. They can have their own schedule and rates of payment. They also work in private clinics, massage spas and hospitals. As the alternative healthcare grows, the massage therapist can become practitioners in this field of alternative healthcare. They can also become physical therapists or occupational therapists.

They earn from $7 to $34 an hour.

8. Physical Therapy Assistant

Working alongside physical therapists are Physical therapy aides, they assist by documenting the progress of a patient, creating treatment plans for patients as well as helping with other routine activities. A good job for on-the-job training hands-on experience and. Most physical therapy assistants proceed to become physician assistant, licensed physical therapists, nurse and occupational therapists.

They earn from $13 – $28/hr.

9. Occupational Therapy Assistant

Occupational Therapy Assistant do the same work as Physical Therapy Assistant in that they document the progress of patients, create treatment plans for patients and help with other routine activities. This is also a good job with a lot of on-job-training and hands-on experience. Eventually majority of Occupational Therapists assistants’ transit into licensed occupational therapists. Nurses, Physical therapists and mental health counsellors.

These earn from $13 – $28/hr.

10. Dental Assistant

As the name dictates, Dental assistants work under dental hygienists and dentists aiding them in routine procedures, keeping records and prepping equipment. There is plenty of on-the-job training in this career and opportunities for growth with further education. There is a high demand for Dental assistants. Dental assistants normally escalate to become dentists or dental hygienists.

Earning is from $10 – $21/hr.


As we have seen, there are many opportunities in the healthcare sector. Entry level jobs with high salaries. While this may seem ironic in its definition, it is quite the real deal. Anyone with a passion to work in the healthcare sector in any capacity can begin slowly and rapidly rise as they advance both in the on-job-training, hands-on-experience as well as advancing of their education to a higher level. This creates even better opportunities for growth in this very demanding sector.

Many professionals, if they could tell you their story, began as health aides and rose up to become specialists in their respective fields. As you start your career, know that you are not alone and that many people, indeed all people start from somewhere. Healthcare is growing as demand for more round-the-clock healthcare becomes imperative and as research into new discoveries in medicine are being done day and night. Every one of the above 10 jobs is on demand. You can start working in most without the relevant certification then as you advance in education, you will find a footing.

We have seen some like health aides choose their own schedules. This will make it possible for you to earn and also advance yourself in education. These jobs are well paying enough that you can afford the bills and upkeep.

This knowledge will assist people who think that you must have certification to get a well paying job in the healthcare. It is clear that you only need courage and a desire for growth. Next time you walk by a hospital or clinic and are desperate for that job and you have no idea where to set off from, do not be afraid. With the above information, you can now walk in majestically and apply for a job. Then once you have found a small opening, grow from there and never look back.


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