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Step-by-Step Guide to a Health Wellness Career Success

The key to success in any health and wellness career is, in a nutshell: to have a vocation. Unlike many people who study a race to feel the pride of having managed to win a title; Or of those people who, forced by the family pressure, take an entire career. The career of health and well-being in any of its branches has a very clear requirement: you must feel love for what you do.

That is the reason why entrance exams are so difficult and why they are so demanding to students throughout the career. However, nothing prepares you for that moment when you stop being a student and you become an intern.

The best way to detail the steps to follow to succeed in this wonderful profession; is listening to the experiences, advice and warnings of those who have already gone through it. Therefore, I want to share with you the knowledge acquired both by myself and by those who helped me to overcome my years of study. Although I warn you, you never really stop studying or learning.

The Real Reason for Studying a Health and Wellness Career

First I want to talk to you about The Common Wealth. Wealth as in Wellness. Many people think that careers in health and wellness revolve around money, wealth, unbridled economic growth and a perfect life; to be honest, I’m sick of always hearing the same thing.

As Adam Smith says in his book The Theory of Moral Sentiments; and is that there is something in us that asks us to see well-being in others, even when we get nothing in return for it.

It is part of human nature and even the vilest of criminals can feel that kind of empathy. People who study medicine on the other hand, are the maximum exponents of it. Every medical student begins with that passion and emotion to discover more, to know more; all in order to be able to help others, to save lives.

That is why if you think that the way to achieve this is to bring true well-being to people; then you have chosen the right career and it is worth every effort you plan to make.

What exactly is imparting wellness and health?

The people who fail to understand this concept are those who, before reaching the middle of the race, begin to desert. It seems like a stupid question, after all well-being or health means not being sick. And it’s okay if you believe that at the beginning, for centuries we have been brainwashed so that we think that the important thing is not to be sick. However, I warn you that there is a clear spectrum.

A spectrum between Pathogenesis and Salutogenesis. As a medical student you will be trained in pathogenic thinking; you will learn to determine diseases, take stories to detect them and treat them, and even if we talk about public health, you will find ways to prevent them.

But that is a disease-only approach. Salutogenesis has its name in honor of the Roman goddess of well-being and health Salus. There is a different approach to what truly means health and well-being; and that is the answer you should look for in your career years to come.

How to overcome the challenges during the health and wellness career in the 21st century?

The medicine is not modernized alone; it is the brilliant minds of doctors, nurses, health coaches, surgeons and many more brilliant people who modernize it.

To be able to adapt to the accelerated rate both at the time of studying and at the moment of being exercising as an intern; Is supporting you in the different tools that technology today offers us to do everything more efficiently and quickly.

Believe it or not, there are many applications that you can download in your cell phone and that will help you to be successful in your years of study, as well as in the field of your specialty.

It is impossible to cover them all, however; here is a list of the most used today, and it is your part to look for more and better to suit your specific needs.

TRC Pharmacology

Understand the mechanisms of medication, and how they work; will be one of the biggest challenges you encounter. A wide variety of medications, problems with dosage and use, as well as prices; could be problematic for most medical students, due to little knowledge about pharmacology.

TRC Pharmacology is the extension of an E-learning program through the Netherlands Teaching Resource Center (TRC), developed with the aim of helping medical students and residents to understand the main pharmacological mechanisms of action.

It provides students with basic knowledge of pharmacokinetics and adverse drug reactions, as well as the mechanisms of action of drugs for various diseases and populations. Each section contains detailed illustrated diagrams and textual content; which contribute to a better understanding of the mechanisms of medication.


With more than 1,700 eponyms; this application allows you to learn more about common medical conditions, signs, exams and other procedures with complex names.

Eponyms are very important for communication in medical practice, but there are thousands of them, so medical students always find it difficult to remember them all.

Remember that improper use of eponyms can lead to potentially dangerous miscommunication. Fortunately, finding an eponym nowadays is easy thanks to mobile technology.

Skyscape Medical Library

Skyscape Medical Library offers a package of medical resources that includes clinical information on more than 850 topics, information on different drugs and medical calculators. In addition, more than 600 premium resources can be purchased in 35 different medical specialties.


Although the free application NBSTSA CST Exam Prep cannot be considered an acceptable substitute for traditional study methods, it can be used in conjunction with other methods of study.

It includes everything from assistance to surgeons and nurses to the creation and organization of operating theaters and surgical equipment to ensure everything is properly sterilized before, during and after surgery. All this requires great attention to detail, good physical stamina and the ability to provide a high level of care while working under pressure in a stressful environment.

BioDigital Human App

The actual corpses cannot be explored again and again, while the contents of the medical atlas of BioDigital Human App itself.

Making a reusable digital corpse became a must for medical students and residents, as well as for experienced physicians.

That’s why high-quality 3D modeling is the ultimate choice for learning anatomy and pathology. It offers magnificent 3D maps of the human body, all rendered in real time so users can easily explore anatomically correct illustrations, zooming and rotating parts of the body and organs, and dissecting them virtually.

The application allows medical students to access more than 1,000 anatomy models along with editing tools for free.

Daily Rounds for Doctors

It is the largest academic network for physicians and medical students. Through an easy-to-use interface, you can share and learn from clinical cases based on real-life patients.

Daily Rounds presents clinically important clinical cases that are reviewed by the editorial team of more than 120 physicians. In addition, it counts on the coverage of the most important medical events to international.

Study Techniques

The secret to 100% success at the time of any health and wellness career is simple. If you are able to follow these steps without feeling discouraged but on the contrary, you realize them with passion and enthusiasm; then you can succeed in the short, medium and long term in your career.

The steps that every student and agent of health and well-being must follow are:

1. Read

2. Pay attention to details

3. Study

4. Practice

5. Repeat

No shortcuts, no cheating; Pure and simple effort executed with discipline and devotion. Read, pay attention, study, practice and then repeat the cycle.

Read the subject even before going to class, do not be one of those aspirants who do not know how to answer the questions that all the teachers throw in the air.

Pay attention to the details and to each explanation given by the teacher, they are experienced people who know that this world needs more professionals of health and well-being; But they are also human and make mistakes. You should be able to notice when you are making a mistake, remember that people put their lives in your hands.

Study the subject again, but this time take into account those things that the teacher did not tell you; remember that not everything is achieved in the texts, so it is the perfect time to correct your notes.

Now it is time to put what has been learned in practice, but do not be wrong, there are no ridiculous or errors that are not forgiven. This is the time to fail, then you can no longer, the life, health and well-being of a person will be in your hands.

Repeat. If you are interested in studying a career in health and well-being, you should know then that, an organ that is not used, it atrophies. Develop muscle memory, and memorize each process so that you can keep in your mind every procedure that needs to be followed.

This race is filled with many moments of pressure, stress and few seconds to make decisions that are too important. Repeating processes over and over again is what will help you not to suffer from a mental breakdown when you most need a response from you.

Final Tips

He always sees beyond expectations. Hold yourself constantly and observe how you are able to overcome your own limits in order to help someone else; A disinterested aid.

If you care very much about health and wellness care because of the good economic position that can give you after four or five years of exercising; the best thing is to give up before starting, I can assure you that there are other races where you will earn much more money.

In fact, in order to be successful, it is best to determine in advance if it is worthwhile to start. There is a characteristic that every academic of that career must possess almost innately: passion for reading.

If you are a person who does not enjoy reading or you really dislike having to invest your time in the pages of a book. The best thing you can do is try to make your way into another race.

The reason why 40% of health and wellness careers drop out of the first few years is precisely because they cannot or do not like having to read so much. So many new terms impossible to buy or associate with others already learned.

I could not be more honest with you. If you hate reading, do not study health and well-being. But if you really want to make this your way of life, then the best advice I can give you is:

When you feel that you cannot read another word of that book, close your eyes, breathe deeply; and read three more pages.

When you feel that you can no longer deal with another patient, close your eyes, breathe deeply; and serves three more patients.

Studying any health and wellness career you will learn the limits of the human body, it is time for you to use that knowledge and overcome that obstacle so many times that you will be presented: tiredness.


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