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The best sports supplements for you and for your physical training

If you have an active life, it is important that you know the use of sports supplements; sooner or later you will have to start using them; that’s why here in will be talking about what are sports supplements and which are the most suitable for you.

If you have an active life, it is important that you know the use of sports supplements; sooner or later you will have to start using them; that's why here in will be talking about what are sports supplements and which are the most suitable for you.

Sports supplements are elements that help to boost an athlete's diet; in this way, the organism stays balanced through totally natural or synthetic substances.

The objective of sports supplements is to avoid nutritional deficiencies that contribute to people feeling physically worn out; these supplements are highly concentrated foods and, despite being handled in laboratories; are completely natural. Therefore, they have nutritional properties, which are very helpful for our body.

Importance of sports supplements

Many times people consume these supplements without knowing what are the properties they have; but these have all the nutritional values ​​that are needed to maintain an active life; eliminating everything that can be counterproductive to our body; such as fats and sugars.

However, there is a big difference between food and sports supplements; while foods provide all those nutrients in different types of concentrations; the supplements do it but in very precise amounts.

That is, food provides nutrients in a totally uncontrolled way and supplements do so in a proportionately way.

But, the supplements do not have enough calories to cover with the necessary daily quota; Therefore, it is important to take a balanced diet to maintain a balance.

The importance of sports supplements derives from the need to give much more energy to our body; as well as to compensate for nutrients deficiencies, because our balanced diet can’t give us all.

Recommended uses of sports supplements

It is very important before using sports supplements to know their origin; which are the most suitable products for you since each sport’s supplement has a different way of acting; and what are the positive as well as the negative aspect in our body; that is why when using any type of supplement, it is necessary to know what their side effects are; or what are the counterproductive interactions that they have in conjunction with some drugs.

Therefore, we will explain what is the recommended dosage for each of the supplements that currently exist in the market.

Sports supplements that you can (should) take

Remember, before start using any of this supplements; you must consult with your doctor or gym monitor (if he/she is properly qualified).

Whey protein 

This protein is what we commonly see in sports stores; it is a product that is mainly composed of globular proteins with high biological value; which are extracted from whey.

What is it for?

This type of protein is used by athletes; especially those who cannot consume normal milk because of its high-fat content. This sports supplement is ideal for those people who have a constant and intense sports activity; especially if they aim to develop strength or increase muscle mass.

Whey protein has some properties that are beneficial for health; some of these benefits are anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer; in addition, the goal of the whey protein is to promote metabolism; especially for athletes who are looking to breakthrough into the world of bodybuilding.

Modes and dosage of use

The whey protein can be found in soluble powder and this is given forms of smoothies and can come in different flavors: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, peanut butter, among others.

This powder is adjusted to all the nutritional needs of each athlete and depending on their objectives.

It can be taken with milk, water or juice; It is recommended taking it before training and after it.

Experts recommend that in order to use whey protein, consume at least 15 or 20 minutes after a high-intensity training because it provides a large amount of amino acids

Protein shakes

The next sports supplement, are the protein shakes; these aim to accelerate the metabolism; especially for those people who want to lose weight; since these have the capacity to have a quick action when digesting.

What is it for?

Protein shakes serve to improve performance and physical appearance. These are substances with a high concentration of macro molecules that have the objective of promoting the creation of new muscle tissues in the body of people.

The benefits of protein shakes are to maintain muscle mass and repair muscle tissue; therefore, these protein shakes are highly recommended for all those people who have an active sporting life.

In addition, these shakes help with the synthesis of muscle proteins; in this way, they help reduce muscle damage and improve resistance due to their high biological content.

Modes and dosage of use

All protein powder shakes that are ready to mix; either with water, milk or juice. It is usually taken with cold water or isotonic drinks.

It must be taken before and after training; however, many specialists recommend taking just one protein shake daily; and consume them in the morning before training.


Another of the most used supplements in the world of sports are multivitamins, these contain a combination of vitamins and minerals.

What is it for?

Also known as polyvitaminics or simply vitamins. They have the function to increase the performance and help the immune system has a greater force.

You should only take vitamin supplements when there is a deficiency of vitamins and minerals; or when you have an active life; and it is necessary to replenish the energies burned during training.

There are different types of benefits, presented by multivitamins:

1- increase in nutrient intake

2- avoid the risk of chronic diseases

However, we must bear in mind that we must have a balanced diet so that multivitamins have a better result; since these works as a complement.

Modes and dosage of use

Your dose and how you take multivitamins will depend on your health status; specialists recommend one capsule a day after eating; however, before taking any of these vitamins, it is necessary to consult with an expert.

Vitamin C

Now, another sports supplement that is important for all those people who are dedicated to athletic life is vitamin C.

What is it for?

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that is necessary for the growth and development of our body.

In addition to helping us grow and develop normally, vitamin C is also essential for tissue repair in any part of our body.

It also helps protect tendons, ligaments and blood vessels; and helps heal wounds and form scar tissue much faster.

Young beautiful funny fashion model with orange slice on orange background. with orange makeup and hairstyle and freckles. holding orange between eyes with toothy smile.

Mode and dosage of use

It is no secret to anyone that the body cannot produce vitamin C on its own; nor can store it; it is for this reason that we must consume vitamin C constantly so that our body can have its daily ration.

We can consume it via tablets or we can do it in a natural way through the intake of citrus fruits which provide high contents of this vitamin.

Nitric oxide

Nitric oxide is a sports supplement; however, it is a compound and is very important for our body since it acts as an endogenous vasodilator which helps stimulation and regulation of blood pressure.

What is it for?

The main function of nitric oxide is to modulate the vascular tone in order to help the immune system and platelet aggregation.

In this sense, this compound helps muscular vasodilation at the cellular level which helps the heart pump oxygenated blood to feed the cells that need it to increase performance during training.

Mode and dosage of use

It can be obtained in tablets; but, experts recommend only using it for two or three months and rest the same time; since it can cause headaches, dizziness, problems in the respiratory tract, or aggravation of asthma.


Glutamine is also a sports supplement that helps improve the recovery of athletes; about all those who train really hard.

However, very few people know what the importance of glutamine is.

What is it for?

This is an amino acid that is essential for the body and is located specifically in skeletal muscle; this amino acid is conditional, that is to say, although it is synthesized in our organism, its production is often compromised; It is for this reason, we recommend that those people who are athletes or athletes or who have a very active physical life consuming glutamine.

Mode and dosage of use

The intake of glutamine will vary depending on the person; since you must take into consideration your body weight, as well as the amount of exercise you perform daily.

The normal range of a daily dose of glutamine is between two to 30 grams. If it is a person with a sedentary lifestyle, then the dose has to be much lower.

It can be mixed with food, but not while it is hot, as it can degrade the components and not have the same effect.

Glutamine can be found in powder, capsules or tablets. You can also mix it with other supplements to have a better action.

Fat burners

The fat burners are stimulants that help lose the fat that is deposited in our body; However, specialists recommend not using them in excess as they can be counterproductive to the body.

The indiscriminate use of them can directly affect the heart.

What is it for?

These are stimulating substances to burn the fat that exists in the organism; Because they increase the heart rate, this body usually suffers the consequences. It is for this reason that its intake is not recommended in those people who suffer from the heart or who have very poor circulation.

Mode and dosage of use

Planning is very important before taking these supplements; especially if it is a person who has a sedentary life; for those who have a high physical activity; The right time to take the fat burning is during the day and before a solid meal; in this way you can quietly reach the other hours of food without feeling hungry.

According to the manufacturers, the recommended dose is two pills a day and should be consumed 30 minutes before training and then the other after training. Also, they recommend that you should rest from the intake of fat burners for a while to help the system recover from the stimulant effects of these.

They also recommend following a balanced diet so that lean muscle mass levels do not decrease.


Creatine is a chemical substance that is found naturally in our body, especially in our muscles. This is produced and can be obtained thanks to some foods. We can get it by eating fish, as well as red meat.

What is it for?

Creatine is considered a sports supplement, because it helps improve physical performance, as well as increase muscle mass over all athletes and older adults.

Creatine generates energy that the muscle needs to function. Therefore, those people who have a deficit of creatine levels are benefited by the intake of this component.

Mode and dosage of use

Specialists recommend only the intake of 20 grams daily for five days to see the results; and should be accompanied with food since some problems in the body can occur to metabolize this supplement.

It is important to know that if we overload our system with creatine can decrease our motor functions and seizures can occur.

This supplement should be used under medical supervision since there are many adverse symptoms if the intake of creatine is prolonged.

Amino acids

Amino acids are vital for our body because they help store the water our muscles need. When there is a deficit of these, a metabolic disorder can occur, which can trigger problems of obesity, cholesterol or diabetes.

What is it for?

There are six types of amino acids arginine, carnitine, glutamine, methionine, ornithine and taurine. All these amino acids can be obtained naturally or chemically. And they are related to the proper functioning of our system. They also help increase muscle tissue.

Mode and dosage of use

There are different ways of taking amino acids and it will depend on what we are really looking to improve; as well as the amount of physical exercise that takes place during the day. For example, if a person who trains daily for 45 minutes and maintains a diet rich in protein; is recommended the intake of amino acids between 4 and 6 grams a day.

The consumption of amino acids should be done in periods that vary between 4 and 12 weeks. Then you should stop resting the body of the intake of these.

There are other amino acids such as Beta alanine which should be consumed in a cycle of 12 weeks and at least between 4 and 6 grams a day.

The benefits provided by the different amino acids mentioned above are increased strength and power; as well as, increase in muscle mass; In addition to anaerobic resistance, physical resistance also helps maintain energy for a longer period of time during high intensity workouts.

Fish oil

The next supplement we are going to talk about is going to be fish oil; this is very popular among athletes because of its high Omega 3 content.

What is it for?

Fish oil is important for brain function, as well as development and to treat inflammation. Omega 3 strengthens the cardiovascular system and helps relieve any type of rheumatoid arthritis problems.

Mode and dosage of use

There are two ways to take fish oil; it can be done in the natural way through fried fish which is an extraordinary source to obtain Omega 3; or you can also take the fish oil capsules which is recommended as soon as you take it once a day after each meal.

Krill oil

Krill oil is another essential source of Omega 3. The amount of Omega 3 we consume daily is much less than what experts recommend. Therefore, some nutritionists indicate krill oil in order to raise the intake of Omega 3; since it helps decrease some levels such as triglycerides and cholesterol. In addition, krill oil is also related to lowering blood pressure, and has anti-inflammatory functions.

What is it for?

The benefits of krill oil are numerous; not only does it provide the amount of Omega 3 the body needs; it also has antioxidant properties which helps fight stress.

Krill oil is recommended for athletes as it not only promotes vascular health, but also regulates blood sugar levels and strengthens the immune system.

Mode and dosage of use

Krill oil can be obtained in capsules and a capsule can be taken daily. However, it is necessary to consult the doctor or the nutritionist to know which are the correct amounts that should be consumed.


Better known as glucosamine sulfate, it is a 100% natural substance found in our body; and we can identify it as the fluid that surrounds the joints.

However, we can also find it in its synthetic version in dietary supplements. Glucosamine is extracted from the shells of shellfish.

This is used and ingested primarily to treat arthritis, and also to help with weight loss.

Glucosamine sulfate is used by many athletes because it helps to stop the tearing of the joints and thus prevent this condition from getting worse.

What is it for?

The way in which glucosamine works in our body is that it acts as a buffer for the joints. This is the fluid that surrounds the tendons, ligaments or joints; when it is non-existent or it breaks, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and sometimes there may be stiffness and pain.

Therefore, experts recommend glucosamine supplements because they can increase the amount of cartilage and fluid around the joints to prevent deterioration.

Mode and dosage of use

Many people consider that ingesting glucosamine sulfate can be harmful to health; however, there is no study to support this claim; the proper use, especially for athletes is injected directly to the muscle, 2 times a week, for a maximum of 6 weeks.

A cream made with chondroitin sulfate can also be used for up to 8 weeks.


This supplement is an amino acid and is necessary for the body especially for obtaining proteins; This is found in red meats, as well as poultry and some dairy products. It can also be found in its synthetic form.

This supplement is usually used mostly for recurring leg pains due to blocked arteries, as well as to improve athletic performance and boost the immune system.

What is it for?

It is composed of nitric oxide and this causes the blood vessels to dilate and thus improving blood flow. However, there are some side effects such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, blood abnormalities, allergies, among others.

Mode and dosage of use

Those people who are taking medications for high blood pressure should not take this supplement as it can be contradictory to health.

The dose used according to some scientific research will depend on the weight of the person, as well as his height and the reasons why he would use it.

For this reason, it is necessary to ask your doctor about the recommended dose for you.


This supplement is one of the most used by athletes, and can be obtained in energy drinks or specialized drinks for athletes.

What is it for?

However, taurine is obtained through a laboratory process. According to a study carried out in the United States in 2001, beverages containing taurine are also high in caffeine and glucuronolactone, which help improve reaction time, as well as the concentration and memory and physical resistance of the patients. athletes

Mode and dose of use

Those energy drinks that have taurine are effective when exercising because it increases the performance of the activity.

However, we must control the consumption of these drinks because there are statistics that indicate that people who consume high doses may suffer certain diseases that can lead to premature death.

This is because as they have a high caffeine content blood pressure rises and the heart is compromised.

Therefore, experts recommend that only people who have a high physical performance are those who should consume this supplement.

The intake of taurine can be done through energy drinks, as well as in capsules and only a doctor or a specialist can prescribe the amount needed for you.


Caffeine is also used as a sports supplement and you can have more than 60 all-natural plants.

What is it for?

People often drink coffee to obtain caffeine naturally; as well as tea leaves, nuts, or cocoa pods.

There is also a caffeine that is synthetic and that is usually added to several medications, as well as foods and beverages.

The effects that caffeine has on the body is that it stimulates the central nervous system and makes people feel much more energized; Besides that, it works as a diuretic, that is, the body can get rid of water and extra salt through urine thanks to caffeine.

Mode and dose of use

Experts indicate that those people who have a very active lifestyle or athletes should only consume caffeine prior to training. Be it naturally or synthetically. The best way to take caffeine is in the morning after breakfast, a tea or a cup of coffee can help the nervous system to increase its activity and thus have much more energy.

What is the best sports supplement?

When we enter the world of fitness it is much more normal to hear the term a sports supplement. Therefore, knowing which is the best for each person can be something very difficult to reveal; since it will depend on the physical condition, the height, the weight and the amount of exercise the person does.

Therefore, before starting any physical training is necessary to have a check with a doctor or a nutritionist to tell us what sports supplements that we should ingest during training.

Most sports supplements have the same goal; help you get much more energy so you can have a long life.

However, some supplements, such as those mentioned above, help to lose weight, increase muscle mass and help the immune system to stay alert to any infection.

That said, it is very important that when it comes to starting with a sports supplement, you should not leave out nutrition since these two go hand in hand.

Sports supplements provide the necessary amounts or the missing amounts that a diet cannot.

If you are a person who has high physical performance and is always active then a protein supplement such as whey protein would be the most suitable for you; but there are different types of whey protein and they have different functions; whether you want to gain muscle mass or lose weight; each one has a different effect; For this reason, before starting to consume this supplement it is best to consult a specialist to indicate which one you should start consuming.

We also find creatine; this increases the strength at the time of training; especially if you are a person who does not have the capacity to keep you for a long time.

Sports supplements to take before training

There are some supplements that should be taken just before training, even more so that there is greater sporting performance.

These supplements are looking to optimize, as well as concentrate energy. In this way, create more strength, more muscle mass, as well as strength and concentration.

There are many scientific investigations that explain the importance of the pre-workout supplement which helps to produce the goals we want to reach much faster.

The intake of sports supplements is necessary, although we have a good diet; since in this way we can increase our energy deposits so that our body can complete the training.

The pre-workout supplements that should be consumed are those that give strength and power, such as creatine, amino acids, whey protein, and caffeine.

Other people also use supplements for the concentration such as tyrosine; and so that people who need to have much more resistance can consume Beta-alanine and citrulline malate.

The way to ingest these supplements is to take 30 minutes before starting a workout, but you can also do it after eating.

Sports supplements recommended for women

Not all supplements are the same and do not have the same effects on both men and women.

For all those women who enter the world of fitness or who simply want to improve their lifestyle, there are some supplements that are important to them.

1. multivitamin

Many times food does not provide the necessary vitamins; therefore, the intake of multivitamins is important to provide the body with all the nutrients it needs to be able to maintain itself during training and during our daily life. For this reason, one of the most recommended supplements for women, especially those with vitamin deficiencies; is multivitamins.

2. Iron

Iron is important since excessive training can lead to fatigue, and iron helps the blood circulate much better in our body and thus prevent anemia.

3. whey protein

Whey protein is also perfect as a supplement for women especially if the goal is to lose fat or gain muscle mass. This is because women find it much more difficult to tone up so this serum helps to see results much faster.

Although these three supplements are the most recommended by experts in the case of women; We also find that calcium is important since it contributes to the development and strengthening of bones.

Also, fish oil is essential, as it provides Omega 3 and creatine as well as our body releases any type of swelling or water retention accumulated.

Better sports supplements to gain muscle mass

If you are looking to increase your muscle mass, then it is time to start taking specific sports supplements for this.

It's not just about lifting weights or dumbbells many times in the gym; but also to follow a balanced diet and consume sports supplements according to the goals you want to achieve.

If we want to increase muscle mass, protein is the number one supplement to achieve it. This is because it presents growth and development processes much faster than eating a diet.

However, it is very important to use this sports supplement in conjunction with a balanced diet, which must be rich in meat, fish, eggs, nuts, oats, milk, among others. Since all these are transformed into proteins which will help your body to generate and increase the muscle mass you are looking for.

Whether you consume it through a sports supplement or through a balanced diet all proteins help not only to have much more resistance but also to generate muscle mass.

Other sports supplements

As we have already mentioned, whey protein is one of the most used and most recommended to increase muscle mass.

Also, the BCAA which is one of the proteins that helps muscle growth; and it is composed of leucine, isoleucine, and valine; all these help to synthesize muscle proteins; which help the body to repair the fibers of the muscles much easier and thus generate much more muscle mass.

Another recommended protein is creatine; since it generates a good performance in the body and the energy necessary to continue with a physical training.

A protein recommended by experts is the ZMA; which is a combination of zinc, magnesium and vitamin b6; all these help regulate the hormonal system. In this way, athletes or athletes can have better training.

It also recommends the intake of tribulus; a totally natural hormone that helps reinforcement.

Another highly recommended protein for gaining muscle mass is citrulline malate, and it is a protein that helps performance.

Finally, we have the Gainer; This is a protein for muscle gain especially for those people who have a very fast metabolism and who have a hard time gaining the weight needed to build muscles.

What is the best protein?

When you decide to follow a much more active life, and if you want to see results faster; then you should take sports supplements; but all these, as we already mentioned, work differently.

Saying which is the best protein will depend on what you are looking to achieve; If you want to lose weight and increase muscle mass, protein is the sports supplement for you; since it can help you to have the necessary energy to continue with an exercise routine and thus stay during the day.

The answer to this question covers many possibilities, especially because there has been a boom in recent years about different types of proteins that people can take.

In addition, the result of proteins varies according to the type of person and their state of health.

To know which one is best for you, you should, in conjunction with a specialist, make a breakdown of the proteins you eat during the day. Also, it is necessary to make a study about what type of vitamins you need in your body, as well as amino acids.

And of course, what is your true physical condition. With this in mind, you will be able to know which protein is indicated for you.

Side effects of sports supplements

As for the side effects of sports supplements; each of them varies depending on the composition. However, most of the side effects that we may suffer are: headache, upset stomach, dizziness, vertigo.

Also, in the case of amino acids if they are consumed for a long time these can have really very negative effects on the body such as high blood pressure, blurred vision, among others.

As for fat burning, these supplements cannot be taken by people suffering from cardiovascular diseases or who do not have good circulation; as well as those who suffer from blood pressure; Since the intake of these supplements can cause the heart to accelerate and begin to suffer from arrhythmias, which can be counterproductive to the body.

Natural sports supplements

After having explained all the synthetic sports supplements that are on the market there are also some completely natural sports supplements that we can consume.

Among these natural supplements we find:

Branched Amino Acids (BCAAs)

These are amino acids and are composed of three: leucine, Valine and Isoleucine. These natural proteins help to contribute to muscle recovery, and to increase athletic performance; they also reduce muscle ailments also known as DOMS.

All these amino acids are found naturally in our body. But to consume them daily without the help of any type of sports supplement we can consume foods such as egg, veal, tuna, soy, tea. These foods provide the amino acids that our body needs.


This supplement is one of the most used by athletes or by all those who want to lose weight. This functions as a transporter of fatty acids to the mitochondria, which is responsible for the production of energy from the cell, and its function is to produce the fatty acids needed to convert them into energy.

This supplement is completely natural and is necessary to perform any physical activity especially if we are doing intensity exercises. Although we can find this sports supplement in its synthetic form we can also find L-carnitine in foods, such as, for example, in red meat.

Collagen with magnesium

It is one of the most vital proteins in the human body, since it helps us stay hydrated; In addition to helping us to have much more strength, our skin acquires elasticity. This protein is important for the constitution of cartilage and tendons.

And in conjunction with magnesium, which is a basic mineral in human nutrition; it helps that there is a good functioning of the muscles and nerves. It also helps the immune system to stay healthy and keep our hearts steady.

To consume this protein naturally, we must consume snails, clams, milk, chocolate, eggs, and white meats.

If you take a vegetarian diet you can also get these proteins by consuming nuts, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, vegetables, especially the greener ones.

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme q10 is a nutrient that occurs throughout our body; we can find it in the heart, in the liver, in the kidneys and in the pancreas; Coenzyme is obtained through a balanced diet and by the transformation of other coenzymes.

Besides that, it has the function of being an antioxidant; helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, among others.

This nutrient is essential for all those people who want to lose weight naturally. To consume is coenzyme naturally it is necessary to eat fish and meat regularly.

However, we can also get this nutrient in whole grains and wheat germ, as well as nuts, spinach, cauliflower, and carrot.


As mentioned earlier, caffeine is one of the most used sports supplements by athletes because it helps to obtain the energy necessary to keep us during training or during the day.

To consume caffeine naturally is not a secret for anyone doing through the consumption of coffee either in the morning or before training. We can also find caffeine in tea, and in chocolate.

Brands and recommended stores of sports supplements

Here in carried out an investigation on which are the best sports supplements that currently exist in the market.

Therefore, here we present a list of the most recommended and most consumed by athletes and athletes.

Also, from the virtual stores where you can buy them.

  1. Gold Standard 100% Whey
  3. Cellucor: C4 Extreme​
  4. BSN: Syntha-6
  5. Cellucor: COR-Performance Whey
  6. ABB Pure Pro
  7. Adaptogen Science Performance Series Tasty Whey
  8. ANS Performance N-Pro
  12. MuscleTech: Phase8
  13. Optimum: Essential AmiN.O. Energy
  14. MusclePharm: Combat Powder


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