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Mental energy: 10 proven ways to enhance it

When we think about our health and the factors that intervene in our well-being that influence the performance we have every day; we always leave aside a very important factor. Our mental energy is a quantifiable factor and that, on a scientific level; it has been shown that it can have a great influence on our well-being.

An active and agile mind can be the difference between achieving your goals or failing. Even in the activities that demand our physical capacities to the maximum; a poor mental state can make even the strongest to fall. If you want to learn more about your own mental energy and how to empower it; then continue reading, because here we explain what you can achieve from multiple points of view.

What is mental energy or power?

The most accurate way we have to define mental power is; as that intrinsic and limitless force within us capable of molding the reality itself.

And by reading this definition, which states that mental power could even mold reality; it seems we were talking about some supernatural power taken from a fiction movie. However, we tell you again; it has been proven that yes, mental energy can affect our environment, not only ourselves.

A clear way to check it is by watching and listening to successful people. Surely you've heard the phrase that says "try to surround yourself with the people who have achieved what you want to achieve" but, have you ever wondered why do they say that?

It is because the vision, the way to deal with the problems and the way these successful people face each situation; all of this is done with a positive, determined and focused energy.

They teach by their own example how to achieve things, and they do everything with the best of attitudes, even with a smile; no matter difficult the obstacle may seem.

However, when we speak with depressed and pessimistic people; even the simplest of problems can become an obstacle impossible to overcome. And with that vision in conjunction with that mental energy; they feed their minds.

Similar to what happens with a gravitational field. While they think with more negativity, more negativity they attract. But is this just a myth or can it really be measured scientifically? The answer is, that it is a real energy that we all produce; and it can be improved, measured and modified; to turn it into a magnet of positive things.

Krill oil for mental energy

The krill oil, which comes from a marine species; it is logical that it is rich in one of the largest sources of nutrients in the world, Omega 3 fish oil. But we have not only listed it here because it has Omega 3; but because it also has a perfect balance of content in Omega 6 and high content of antioxidants.

Specifically, the krill oil has astaxanthin; which helps improve the nervous and immune system, concentration, learning ability, and mood.

It is because of these benefits that krill oil should be part of your diet if you want to focus your mind towards success.

All Alzheimer's patients take krill oil to help the disease not progress so fast; over the years, surely we will find a cure thanks to this food.

Omega 3 acids for mental potency

It’s often difficult to focus the mental energy on what really matters, however; Omega 3 helps correct that kind of mental dispersion.

Hence, it is highly recommended as a nutritional supplement in children with attention problems. It not only improves concentration; it helps us to learn how to channel the mental energy and our mood at the most important moments.

Not to mention the benefits it is to lead a healthy life and a balanced diet.

Use of nootropics for mental power

Nootropics have proven to be the best allies for all people suffering from any injury or degenerative mental illness.

Although they exist in great variety, from natural to pharmacological. Nootropics, in general, are the most efficient and the maximum advance of science (until today) in terms of enhancing the power of the mind.

Being that fatigue is one of the most common factors in people who lead a lifestyle with a lot of stress; this can be counteracted with the intake of nootropics. For that reason, if in your life you currently have many worries, you are always tired and; you cannot focus on what really matters.

You don’t need to make a radical change right now, start by including nootropics in your daily diet; and you will notice how your life changes almost instantly.

Conscious breathing for mental energy

Keeping calm and focusing mental energy is not something that we can achieve only through external agents. It is about the power of our mind; so we are the ones who have total control of that power.

Conscious breathing is one of the best ways to learn to direct our mental energy to achieve what we want. Athletes use it a lot when they need to enter in a specific mood.

But this practice is not something that only some people do in very specific areas. A clear example of how common conscientious breathing can be and how it is applied in medicine; it is during labor.

Every woman, during her pregnancy, accumulates conscious breathing techniques that she must apply during contractions and; finally, during labor.

Learn to channel our mental energy and be able to tense, loosen and stretch different muscle groups that are not usually used; it is something that can be achieved through training how to direct mental energy.

Increase your mental strength thanks to the sun

As strange as it may seem, we can increase our mental energy thanks to the sun's rays. It is not something metaphysical or a myth; it is pure science.

During cloudy periods, many people are often down, with a regular mood and; some people can more easily enter in a state of depression.

The same goes for people who spend long periods of time, why does this happen? Well, it's because, vitamin D is usually deficient in these people; unless they have a diet based on oranges.

Vitamin D is a great source for our mental energy; and for our entire body. And the sun is a source of natural vitamin D to which we all have access. Even we can see that fact in the plants, which need it to be able to carry out their life cycle in a healthy way.

If you have trouble focusing or feel downhearted, take a bit of sun and get away completely from that current environment of confinement; it may be enough for getting that idea that’ll help you to solve your problems. All thanks to the activation of our mental energy by receiving a little of vitamin D.

Read self-help books and self-improvement

The problems that overwhelm us may seem really impossible to overcome. Debts, bad grades, a bad day at work. All this is accumulating and when you least expect it; it collapses forming a pile of rubble that will not let us get up.

However, we only need to correctly direct our mental energy to solve them; or find the solutions we needed. But it is very difficult to do this when we are "buried" in a pile of problems.

For that reason, seek a second opinion totally alien to us that tell us what we could do; it is very helpful thing and works great.

Self-help and self-improvement books all have something in common: they were written by people who at some point went through those problems.

Best of all is, that many times they refer to similar problems or the same problem that affects us. And that has a very powerful meaning that is divided into two parts:

• That obstacle that now does not allow us to get up and that always seems to have brought us down; it was already overcome by someone else, it is not impossible to overcome.

• That person who has overcome that obstacle is sharing his/her solution!

Therefore, reading books of self-improvement and self-help is something that we should all do. Learn from the experiences of other people. Those people, by themselves or with the help of someone else; have discovered how they had to direct their mental energy to overcome those kind of problems.

And once you have overcome them; then you could write a book and help others. The world needs more people who share their knowledge and experiences in order to help others.

Maintain good interpersonal relationships

You can see it throughout the animal kingdom. But especially in the species that most resembles the human being. We are animals of social needs. It is not in our nature to isolate ourselves from the rest of the world and to walk life alone.

It’s not about having a relationship with someone with you will spend the rest of your life. But you do need to feel the human warmth. And when someone does not have that in their life, they easily lose part of their mental strength.

Feeling that we affect others people life and that we are recognized for what we are, it’s a human need.

Therefore, renounce anger, resentment, the ideas of loneliness; reconcile with yourself and then reconcile with your family, friends and people close to you; especially if you maintain professional relationships, as is the case with co-workers.

Doing this, you will notice as your mental energy flow freely, that the stage or the energy of others; feeds you in a good way.

Do exercise

Mind, body and spirit; they are real factors of our being and they influence each other constantly. It does not matter that you have the best spiritual or mental condition if, physically; you have not been responsible with you and your health.

Just as the malfunctioning of one of our organs affects the rest of our body; the same goes for mental energy. This is affected by our physical condition.

The speed of our metabolism, the ability to absorb nutrients, feeling good and looking good goes hand to hand. Therefore, exercise regularly to keep your energies at a good level, in a healthy level; and that will benefit you in all the stages of your life.

Practice meditation and yoga

Conscious breathing practiced by pregnant women or athletes does not have to be limited to them alone. Remember that this is done to enter a mental state in which your body, mind and spirit; they are in harmony and 100% prepared to deal with a specific situation.

However, we can direct our mental energy to become capable of dealing with any situation. You do not necessarily have to face each situation giving the 100% of your 100%; but there, in those moments that you really need it, you should be able to enter in the mental state that you need to be victorious.

This is achieved through meditation and sports exercises such as Yoga. The way they teach us to control our breathing and direct our energy; it is just what teaches us what buttons to press according to the situation.

Express your emotions and do psychotherapy

Therapy is not for the crazy. Nor is it for people who are "sick" or who have been diagnosed with some type of disorder.

Expressing what we feel and talking to someone totally alien to our social life and; that in turn is capable of giving us professional advice from a clinical point of view; it is something that all people should do.

Unfortunately, many cultures see visits to psychologists as a sign of weakness. You must understand the following: you must not bear the pressure in silent.

Our nature is not to support the things that come to us without showing any emotion. In fact, doing that leads to more complex psychological problems than depression.

Do not be afraid to do therapy. Do not hesitate to express what you feel. As long as you are able to respect the freedom of other people; express your emotions.

Learning to forgive and freeing ourselves from burdens

We had mentioned it before. Maintaining good interpersonal relationships with everyone around you is necessary to have a good flow of energy in your life.

However, old grudges may have taken root in your heart. Grudges caused by people who are no longer in your life; but in one way or another they left a mark.

In these cases, you must learn to forgive them, ask for their forgiveness; and remove away that weight that, although it is invisible to others, you know that you are burdened with it. It affects you every day, and not in a positive way.

Mental burdens such as guilt and remorse; they are barriers that do not let the mental energy flow. Many people tend to remember what they did wrong, or worse; they live in hate with someone for some event that happened.

In those cases, these people may notice how their energy or concentration can sometimes be overcome by these thoughts. If you want to move forward and be able to make the most of your mental energy, you must let go of those burdens.

Even if you cannot confront that person who generated that feeling; Do it internally, get peace inside yourself. If you ever cross paths with that person again; then do not miss that opportunity and express your emotions.

Practice thinking and positive attitude

The only thing that we have insured in life, is that eventually; we are going to die. This is not a reality that is kept secret. All people are aware of our mortality. Nevertheless; the human being is the species that has the greatest will to live.

There are no other species in our world that clings to life as much as human beings do; despite knowing that we are going to eventually die.

With that same desire, with that same strength; you must face every obstacle that comes your way.

Pessimistic thinking is one of the worst enemies you can have. That is your own mind telling you to give up.

And that’s when you must put into practice positive thinking. The people who have accumulated success and fortune; they have actually accumulated more failures in their lives.

However, having failed so many times; it didn’t stop them from taking on each new project with the best attitude and giving everything. Always expect the best, always want and fight to obtain the best results; and always have a backup plan in case things do not work.

Learn to prevent your mental energy from dissipating

To get into "the zone"; it is something that many people can achieve. After all, it is about our energy and; in a natural way, we know how to channel it.

However, staying in "the zone" is a real challenge. It is necessary to learn how to not let go our mental energy. If we are able to evoke that state and keep it the time we need it; we will be able to overcome any adversity. It is only necessary to practice and lean on any element that helps you to not dissipate your energy.

A clear example of this is the studies of new medicines through groups that take placebos and not real medicines.

The calendar that reminds people who take the placebo and the medication schedule; it keeps them in a constant mental state.

If they take that medication, at those determined times and for that period of time, they will notice the results in their organism. Nevertheless; these people are not taking any medication, how is it that they achieve results?

Well, everything is due to the programming of your mental energy. As it works for these experiments; it also works for real life. Learn to be disciplined with your mental energy and to release it when you need it.


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