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Jobs in a hospital which are the best and highest salaries

When the word hospital is mentioned what careers come into your mind? In my mind doctors and nurses are the first I think of, however, the hospital has many other careers suitable for whichever level of education and interest you have but little is known about this careers. As diseases diversify and more people desire healthcare the health care industry grows. Below are some of the careers in the industry

The physicians 

They are also known as doctors and we can say in terms of careers that they are the backbone of the hospital. A hospital is not a hospital without doctors they are the ones that conduct diagnosis to detect what disease could be ailing you and administer directives to the proper medications or other methodologies to try and cure the diseases. Under the subtopic physicians there are types of physicians who are found in the hospital depending on its size. Understand that physicians work with the help of all other professionals in the hospital to cure the diseases who we will also study.

    • Attending physician

He is a doctor who is in charge of the patient on particular day or time; he supervises medical students who could be interns, residents and fellow doctors. He has the mandate to bring other doctors to visit the patients in the wards.

    • On call doctors

These are doctors who take care of your emergencies in the evenings, holidays and weekends or other shifts when called. They can also answer your burning questions on phone calls and their major role is to work when other physicians are not on duty.

    • Fellow

This is a physician who has completed his training in the medical industry but is in the hospital to receive special practical training in a particular field example surgery.

    • Medical practicing students

These doctors to be spend their first 2 years in the university’s class work training and the last 2 in the hospital earning firsthand experience.

    • Physician assistant

They provide diagnosis, direct for tests to be done and offer treatment to the patients but under the supervision of doctors. They also offer assistance to the doctors at the surgery rooms. They are normally just upcoming doctors because they have completed their training and have their college degree.

    • Resident

This is a doctor who has completed his medical school and is now receiving special training before taking the examination that will warrant them board certification in their chosen specialty.

Physicians also have specialists in particular fields examples include

    • Anesthesiologist

They offer you relevant drugs that will help you be at ease and sleep during surgery, their major aim is to ensure you don’t feel pain during the surgery and they also monitor you after the surgery to ensure you are having no pain effects from the surgery.

    • Dentist

His role in the hospital is to take care of your dental formula by extracting ailing teeth, refiling teeth cavity holes and giving dental surgeries to correct teeth problems.

    • Cardiologist

He specializes in diagnosing and treating heart and blood vessels problems.

    • Endocrinologist

They diagnose and treat diseases caused by hormonal problems example diabetes, growth problem.

    • Dermatologist

They take care of your skin problems by conducting diagnosis and identifying the skin condition then treating it.

    • Hematologist

They specialize in all your blood disorders.

    • Nephrologist

His specialty is with your kidney problems.

    • Neurologist

He diagnoses and treats brain and nervous system problems.

    • Oncologist

He diagnoses and helps you treat cancer.

    • Pediatrician

They observe and treat the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of babies, children above 5 years, teenagers and young adults.

    • Psychiatrist

They specialize in diagnosing and treating emotional behavior problems.

    • Surgeon

He operates on patients if there is need to.

There are many specialties for physician however I have just mentioned a few.


They are the ones that offer day to day care to the patients by closely observing their progress and administering the required drugs as they educate the patient on self-care needed during the sickness time. Nurses also have different specialties and certification and below are examples

Licensed practical nurse (LPN)

They provide general assistance in bathing and wound dressing, they usually take a year of training and get certified to practice.

Registered nurse (RN)

They perform tasks like drawing blood, injecting patients and closely monitoring the patient’s progress. They are usually graduates that obtain licensed certificate from the state.

Advanced practice nurse (APN)

This is a nurse who has taken further training than the normal RN and examples here include nurse practitioner (NP), clinical nurse specialist (CNS), certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA).

Lab technicians

When tests are supposed to be conducted in order to find out the diseases ailing the patient the lab technician uses their microscopes and other methodologies to find out what is ailing the patient.

Social worker and counsellor

They aim at offering emotional support to the patient in hospital and their families for quick recovery.

Speech language pathologist

They work with patients who have problems swallowing and speaking, some hearing issues and most communication problems as well as kids development issues.

Information technology healthcare specialist

The world has generally advance in IT which means that health care is also being conducted with the help of technology thus the need for IT staffs. Some of this staffs normally have clinical background while others are basically IT specialists.

Hospital executive administrators

This is normally a board that manages the hospital operations they are headed by the chief executive officer. And like any other company or business the departmental heads report to the CEO.

Human Resource Manager Or Hospital Recruiter

Every so often there are recruitments to be done in the hospital; this is majorly the role of the HR to recruit new qualified staffs.

Other hospital staffs include

    • Chefs

They are concerned with the food that the in patients will eat during their stay. They prepare meals that suit the patient’s body needs, they also make meals for their fellow staffs mostly nutritious ones. They supervise the cooks and kitchen cleaners.

    • Cleaners

The hospital has to maintain cleanliness in order for anyone to get healed there. It is the work of support staff cleaners to wash the linen, clean the floors, air the rooms and also arrange everything in the patient’s rooms so to help them heal.

Best jobs in the hospital

Above are just a few jobs in the health care industry but there are thousands of careers in the industry so depending on your interest in the job market anyone can make their jobs the best. According to the US Bureau of labor statistics data the careers with the potential for growth in the industry are:

  • Personal care aide

Their roles include helping patients bathe, maintain personal hygiene and just managing the patient’s life. Job growth expectation is at 38%.

  • Home health aide

They administer drugs and perform daily tasks to the chronically ill and disabled. The growth rate of the career is at 37%.

  • Genetic counselor

They check the DNA to find out if patients have disorders and advice for medication where necessary its growth rate is at 30%.

  • Occupation therapist

They mostly work with the disabled developing treatment plans for various conditions by training them how to exercise certain parts of the body. They are at 30%.

  • Diagnostic medical technician, sonographer

They analyze the diagnostic images and record the patient’s history. Growth rate is at 28%.

  • Physician assistant

They review the client’s history, order diagnosis and offer treatment for certain conditions. They are the ones who work to explain to the family of the patient what is ailing their loved one. They are at 27%.

  • Orthotics

Their role is to find the patients’ needs and design supportive medical devices. The growth rate is 25%.

  • Audiologist

They are concerned with the patients hearing and balance they also counsel the patients encouraging them to use other styles of communicating like lip reading.

  • Nurse anesthetist, midwife and practitioner

They are more trained than other registered nurses and they conduct researches as well as store the patient’s history records. Growth rate is at 20%.

  • Surgical technologist

They prepare operation rooms, equipment and instruments for the surgeries their growth rate is at 19%

  • Medical assistants

They take care of the administrative work by storing patient records, insurance paperwork, instruct patients on medications to use as prescribed by their physicians.

Which are the highest paid jobs in the hospital?

There are many factors to consider when saying which jobs pay best however, according to US Bureau of labor statistics occupational outlook book year 2015 the following jobs will have higher salary and job growth in the coming decade. Remember in order to manoeuver in these fields you must invest in higher education and job experience.

The Job

Median salary in $

Jobs available

Physicians and surgeons












Nurse Anesthetists, Nurse Midwives, Nurse practitioners






Physician assistants



Physical therapists



Radiation therapist



Occupation therapists




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