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[Guide] 7 Health Care Careers with Little Training

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. That’s true. There was a time when people used to think twice before going for a job interview. They used to think about the confidence issue, the degree factor and also the training factor. But soon, the employers narrowed it down because they needed people who are hardworking rather than efficient. They can bring the efficiency in time, but can’t bring the hard work. And that’s how the age of internship was started.

People started breaking the responsibilities and job descriptions into smaller parts. Due to that, people now have a better chance towards employment with only the training that they need according to their job description.

The most promising field in this category is the Healthcare fields as they are open to many opportunities with little training needed. So, the list of the top seven best health care careers with little training will motivate you to join today if you are a medical man or woman.

1. Home Care aide

This is one of the best health care careers that you may consider. There are people with very high efficiency, but comparatively less schooling. For them, this is the best career with a good payout.

Things that you may need to do this job:

· Making beds or changing the sheets, etc.

· Doing the laundry.

· Cleaning the house and maintaining hygiene.

· Preparing meals and other nutritional activities.

· In the case of paralyzed or movement rode patients, they may need to assist them with bathroom and other activities.

· Advice the family members in a positive way for the improvement of the patient.

· Deal with patients infections and control it.

All you need is the knowledge of your daily household activities and a good heart. Your main objective should be to bring good health to the patient. Service with a smile also helps in building a good impression.

Home aid care

The average payout of a home care aide is around $20,000. You can have a decent amount of savings if you dedicate yourself to the job.

2. Medical assistant

Unlike the previous one, this job is a little writing-oriented and you need to have a little schooling if not a Ph.D. It is a desk job mainly and you need to mostly keep a record of everything. Your job is to connect the visitors to the health unit officials in a well-directed way.

The primary activities that you may need to do this job are:

· Answering the phone calls and the queries of the patients.

· Greeting patients on their arrival and help them out with what they need.

· Updating the medical records of the patients.

· Filling out forms for the patients.

· Scheduling appointments according to the need.

· Bookkeeping duties.

The best part of this job is that you can have a decent amount of income with the elementary knowledge that you have acquired along the way. With a little schooling and a tendency of learning, you will not regret taking this desk job.

The average payout of this job is almost $30,000. You don’t need much schooling. But you can surely get a good score on the resume if you are experienced in this field.

3. Medical biller

The name of the job explains a lot about it already. Like medical coding career, a medical biller doesn’t need a lot of schooling, but you need to have a sense of responsibility and a sharp intuition. You must never get greedy as you may see 10 times, as cash as your salary.

Some of the most important responsibilities as a medical biller are:

· Collect payments from patients.

· Keep a track record of the medic-claims and insurance claims.

· Maintaining a billing record.

Although the job is not education- oriented as much as the other jobs are, you still need to have a sense of responsibility in order to have a stable and a hassle free service period.

medical biller job

The average payout of this job is almost $33,000. That’s enough for you to be happy and grow the way you want. Don’t get greedy and so something that’s wrong.

4. Medical secretary

Mostly popular for being famous among women, this job is one of the most preferred jobs both by the employer and the employee. Every medical officer needs someone who can assist them with their chores and keep a record of the day to day activities. And since the job is to be the second in command of a medical officer, you can expect a decent salary and a good flow of knowledge if you can take it.

The primary responsibilities of a medical secretary are:

· Scheduling appointments of the patients.

· Training and management of the staffs.

· Operating the technological equipment of the office.

· Ordering or buying manually the supplies.

· Writing letters or assisting the patients in accordance with the officer’s instructions.

· Helping the officers with the reports making.

· Getting synchronization with the labs and lab reports.

The job is somewhat entertaining and you have a lot of new things to learn as well. The best part of this job is that you can build a great resume and keep on searching for a better opportunity.

The average payout of this job is almost $32,000. It’s a decent payout considering the fact that you will make self-development every single day.

5. Nursing assistant or patient attendant

This is one of the noblest of all jobs as it requires a good heart to do the duties. Nursing is not all about the money and is very similar to anesthesiologist assistant career. As a matter of fact, people sometimes are hired by the NGOs because they are good with their patient in matters of helping and assisting.

The main requirements of Nursing Assitant job are:

· Perform routine checks and other tasks under the official supervisors.

· Help the doctors and the surgeons during operations and examinations.

· Clean up and maintaining a hygiene among the patient’s environment.

· Help with the equipment during a checkup.

· Provide with the supplies and other things.

· Reporting physical, emotional or any other contributing changes to the authority.

The job is a big responsibility and is mostly given to female candidates as they are believed to be more compassionate about it rather than being materialistic.

The payout of this job is almost $25,500 and with a guarantee that you can go higher in your career with a good dedicated mind.

6. Occupational therapist aide

These are mainly the rehabilitation center’s job. You may have to be the kind of person who can see some serious nervous breakdowns. If you think that you can’t see such a kind of scenario, you must not opt for this job. Most of the rehabilitation centers are there to help people with mental or physical trauma caused by an emotional setback or abuse of drugs.

The main responsibilities of Occupational therapist job are:

· Setting up appointments with the patient and the doctor.

· Answering phone calls and conveying the information needed.

· Maintaining the supplies and keeping an eye on the necessary products that may be needed during a therapy session.

· Filling out the insurance forms etc.

Male candidates are preferable for this job, but nowadays we can even see some women participants taking part actively. The most important thing that you should consider is to have a stable state of mind. This is the primary criteria for this job.

The payout of this job is $32,000. It is a decent payout, but if you still think that this is not something that you should opt out for, don’t. It is better to decide now than regret later.

7. Psychiatric aide

Asylums and rehabilitation holistic centers are in constant need of people who can work with the mentally challenged people. This job is preferable for boys, but in some cases, even girls can opt for it.

Some of the key requirements of Psychiatric aide job are:

· Dressing up the patient and also help them in other additional but similar sort of activity.

· Give the patients a bath and help them eat.

· Giving them educational treatment for their better development of their mind.

· Engage them in recreational activities and help them stay in a relaxed state of mind.

· Reporting and monitoring of the patients during any changes in their physical or mental state.

This is sometimes risky as there are some cases where the patient may be violent. In that case, the attendant must have a sense of safety and patients. If they engage themselves in an act of violence, they are not doing that intentionally.

The payout of this job is almost $27.500. if you think that you can work with such conditions, you may engage. But you should consider all the necessary precautions before engaging.

If you are thinking of building a career in the medical field that’s a little less schooling-oriented, the above jobs must serve you the purpose.

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