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7 Relevant Facts About Careers in Holistic Health

A long time before the introduction of western medicine, compassionate gave everything to encourage the wellness of the whole body. Nowadays holistic practitioners operate similar to the healers of the ancient times, and similar to other successful medical career, and their demand has grown exponentially. Currently in our modern age that is stressful, urgently needed support is being given in the wellness industry and thus making holistic health jobs more attractive than before.

What is holistic health?

Holistic health is a combination of the wellness of the mind, body and the spirit so as to promote healing and the general health prevention and maintenance. As soon as one of these combinations is off-balance, the health of the person is affected. There are quite a variety of approaches that are used in this sector such as exercising, meditation, and dieting. Bearing all this in mind, the primary focus of the holistic health is in the maintenance and healing of the whole being not just a single symptom.

A holistic health practitioner does not view a patient as just a set of symptoms that needs addressing but an entirely whole person. The specialist may give herbal type of medicine, acupuncture or face to face counseling in choices of the health instead of just giving antibiotics.

Essential facts on the careers in holistic health

Career types Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Biofeedback, energy healing etc.
Degrees Associate degrees, medical degrees
Licensing Must complete a certain amount of hours, have some laboratory and clinical experience depending on the type of holistic career you are willing to undertake.
Certification Depends on the type of holistic career you are willing to undertake.
Availability Online Both online and onsite associate degree programs are available.
Working environment Hospital setting or private practice.
Possible careers Chiropractor, naturopathic physician, holistic health practitioner etc.

Different careers in Holistic health

Holistic health

Many individuals in the world are currently putting into use some method of holistic health treatment.

As more individuals venture outside the constraints of conventional drug looking for whole body well-being, the chance to appreciate a delightful job in all holistic health looks brighter with every passing year.

The most popular holistic health careers are outlined below:


Hypnotherapy has been utilized as a part of an assortment of all holistic health applications, including weight reduction and management of pain. It has been employed to lessen the pain of labor during childbirth drastically, and also mitigating the symptoms of irritable bowel signs and tackling skin ailments, for example, warts and psoriasis. A hypnosis specialist can likewise assist customers to stop addiction of smoking or decrease stress. As indicated by the BLS, hypnosis experts, ordered under wellbeing diagnosing and treating professionals, make an average annual salary of $73,400.


Needle therapy's old curing strategy utilizes thin needles to tenderly expel impasses in the body's vitality framework, encouraging balance and holistic well-being. Needle therapy has been appeared to be viable in treating an extensive variety of sickness, from head pains to addiction. Since most acupuncturists are independently employed, earnings vary broadly. It is estimated that a regular acupuncture earns an annual salary of approximately $72,400

Energy healing

This is a common term for any curing that looks to accomplish balance, reestablishment or control the power frameworks of a human being’s body. Cases of energy healing incorporate Reiki, polarity treatment, panic recuperating and therapeutic touch. Numerous energy healers practice part time only or join their techniques in energy healing with different types of holistic health treatment, thus leads to the fluctuating of their salaries broadly. Nonetheless, the yearly salary of a Reiki therapist is around $37,180 according to the BLS.

Qi Gong

It is a meditative practice from China. It combines slow, deliberate motions and controlled breathing so as to promote the circulation of vital energies in the body. The practitioners have experience in the reduction of pain, stress relief, and the improvement in the overall health Qi Gong practitioners can have successful careers, writing and teaching about the numerous methods and forms of this practice.


Generally this is an apparatus for showing clients how to utilize the energy of their brains in order to oversee perpetually or stretch prompted torment, for example, headaches and muscle fits. It can be an effective alternative to pain solutions. The primary practice utilizes machines to assist patients to turn out to be more mindful of biological procedures, for example, their brainwaves and heart rate, therefore they can figure out how to control these processes without the tools. Biofeedback is usually utilized health care settings by authorized medical experts; however, it can likewise function admirably in a natural medicine situation or by qualified psychologists. According to the BLS, a biofeedback practitioner earns a yearly salary of around $70,700.


It is a comprehensive holistic health framework that was created in India. There it has been honed for more than 5,000 years. Ayurvedic treatments try to balance body, soul, and mind, giving individualized commendations given every individual's extraordinary constitution. Mending treatments utilized as a part of Ayurveda incorporate eating routine, herbs, fragrance based treatment, touch rehabilitation, sound treatment and color therapy. The United States of America Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS), 2016-2017 occupation handbooks for labor states that practitioners who do Ayurveda make an annual salary of approximately $72,400.

Kinesiology or movement therapies

This deals with the application of the study of muscles and locomotion as an assessment and treatment instrument in a clinical setting. There are more than 80 distinct sorts of kinesiologists. Most of them utilize some "muscle testing" to find medical problems and decide the best choice of treatment. Kinesiologists utilize holistic health treatments that may incorporate homeopathic items and energy work, bodywork, herbal therapies, nutritional supplements. Dieting, rest or practice suggestions may likewise be offered. Salary from the act of kinesiology is hard to evaluate because most kinesiologists are as of now settled as chiropractors, doctors or other medical care providers.

Diet-based therapies

Dieting sees food as a source of healing. Specialists give tailored dietary proposals to assist their patients to enhance immunity, reduce weight or battle ailments, for example, allergies and the deadly disease known as cancer. Diet advisors might be coached in a holistic health convention, for example, Traditional Chinese Medicine, or they may originate from a more standard foundation as nutritionists or dietitians. Nutritionist and dietitians earn a median annual salary of $56,950 according to the BLS.

Guided imagery

It is a type of holistic health procedure for preparing the brain to focus on particular symbols or images with a specific end goal to accomplish a physical, spiritual or emotional objective. It can be utilized as an option or correlative treatment. Many individuals know about the case of cancer patients imagining their disease cells being exploded or terminated. Guided imagery is a modern treatment that is commonly offered by health care experts with specific affirmations. Specialist salaries vary in light of individual licenses and qualifications.

Massage therapy

Amongst all forms of holistic treatment, massage therapy is the leading form of holistic health treatment. It has grown exponentially in popularity over the years since the year 1980. These therapists use the power of touch so as to assist the patients to achieve deep relaxation and healing. Massage therapy has drawn a wide range of skills from the acupressure to Thai massage. The annual salary is estimated to be around $37,180 by the BLS.


When it comes to attaining relaxation and physical fitness, yoga is the leading practice to consider. The individuals who look for the deeper advantages of yoga will find out the wealth of old holistic health commendations which will include meditation methods, dietary and inhaling practices. The annual salary is estimated to be around $34,980 by the BLS.

Esthetics or holistic skin care

Estheticians are specialists who work in all holistic skin health management direct facial and body medications that feature natural ingredients, for example, essential oils, minerals, and herbs. They may likewise offer, chemical tablets, microdermabrasion, and other beauty treatments. As a holistic health professional, an esthetician can assist in treating skin conditions, like acne and sun damage. By improving the health and essentialness of the body's biggest organ, the skin, holistic estheticians can as well diminish substantial bodily pains and enhance emotional health. As indicated by the BLS, the average national yearly pay for skincare experts is $29,050.

It is rather crystal clear that there are many means to generate a decent living as a holistic health practitioner. Not only can you enjoy the benefits of making a difference in the lives of individuals but also you get the opportunity to earn an awesome income. As soon as you join the health industry, you become part and parcel of an always growing movement to bring up a healthier and a more stable concentration in the world.

Holistic Health Journey

You will initially need to get an education at one of the numerous schools in the country if you want to join the holistic health sector. Students tend to choose one modality, for example, massage therapy at the beginning which is quite common. There will be a holistic health package awaiting you as your career moves on and you require getting more expertise. If you desire to get to work faster, there are available certificate programs in the field of yoga and massage. There are a lot of holistic schools that offer bachelor's, master’s and doctorate programs thus making it possible to enable you to advance your career further. So as to make a perfect choice, narrow down your personal career targets. Get to know which path you would wish to undertake. Are you interested in becoming a teacher or counselor? Are you inclined towards using your hand as a healing tool? Try considering all your natural skills so as to determine the perfect path for you in this holistic health career.

As it was mentioned earlier, due to the variety of holistic health careers, you should expect the salaries to differ. Nonetheless what you earn is directly proportional to how you market yourself in the industry. Building a very robust clientele over time is one of the surest ways for the holistic health experts to boost their salaries.

Bachelor’s Degree option

Try considering the few choices in the holistic health education:

Naturopathic Medicine Schools: Students undergo serious, four-year doctoral programs and pick up a profound comprehension of mainly all treatment modalities in the holistic well-being field, including herbal cures, nutrition, and massage. Some naturopathic schools likewise offer coursework in needle therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, which can extend the program up to five years.

Massage Therapy Schools: Since massage therapy has become quite popular, the schools that offer this course have had to meet this demand for trained professionals. The massage coursework may vary according to the school from Thai style massage to lymphatic massage, hot stone treatments, Swedish techniques, aromatherapy and man more.

Acupuncture Schools: These schools continue a thousand year tradition by mixing the western focus on muscle and nerve stimulation with Eastern values of the balance of energies. Acupuncture students study the old-style Chinese medicine and how to integrate it into the Western healthcare ways.


The requirements of licensing will entirely depend on the type of job you want to do. We can use an example of a massage therapist and acupuncturist where they are moderated, but for the case of the aromatherapy, this is not the case. You are required to pass your examinations and do a lot of education courses so as to maintain your active status if you are planning to do the job that needs the licensing of the state.


Certification for the holistic health physicians is offered by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. The certification option is available all types of holistic health doctors, for example, holistic nurses and herbalist.

Certification that is industry specific is available for a massage therapist, life coaches and much more.


Similar to alternative medicine, there is no even a single accrediting agency that supervises holistic health programs in school. You will, therefore, have to search for accreditation for a particular program. If you desire to get a certificate in yoga, you will have to get approval from the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT). This afore-mentioned organization is an agency that grants permission to schools. Each and every branch of the holistic health career has their accreditation organizations that acknowledge quality certs and degrees in their field.

1) American Holistic Health Association.
2) Acupunture college.
3) Quantum institute.

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