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12 High Salary Health Care Careers Involving Babies

You all know babies are beautiful gifts from God to all the human beings. Who doesn’t love babies? Everyone does. But some people are so in love with the babies that they decide to build their career with the work they love. But the passion is not just enough; many more things are needed in this job. What you need is intubations about things related to babies. You also need to have some degrees and training. However, sometimes in pursuance of some experts if you have ever worked as a ‘Baby-sitter’ then you can easily learn how to take care of the babies. If it is about babies, then the first thing you need is patience. So, people who are really in search of “Health Care Careers related to Babies”, then here is the list of 12 most on the map jobs for you:

  • Nanny
  • Owner or Worker of Child Care Center
  • Gym Owner or Teacher of Children
  • Pediatrician
  • Pediatric Nurse
  • Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
  • Neonatal Nurse
  • Labor and Delivery Nurse
  • Doula
  • Obstetrician
  • Lactation Consultant
  • Baby Photographer

1. Nanny

A nanny works in homes of the children. If you want to work as a nanny then you might have to take care of more than one child. These workers have lots of responsibilities for the children in the house. This work and career training includes nourishing, washing, clothing, teaching the children how to play and talk, taking them schools, outings, preparing foods, laundry works, infection control, putting first aid if needed and other housework related to the children. Nanny plays a major role of messenger also to notify their parents about their children.

· Conditions for working: These works may be demanding and annoying. As this is a full-time job, you have to stay in the employer’s house for the whole day and maybe you have to work during the weekends too. It depends on how many children are there and what are their ages.

· Tools and technologies: With the rise of technology, it has become very important to be familiar with the computers, play stations etc. so that you could help them with the technology too.

· Education required: For this work, you don’t need any higher qualifications and will get trained during the job. You just need to be at least 12th passed. You can educate yourself earlier if you go through some short term courses related to this job like Certified Course in Childcare & Development, Certificate Course in Childcare, Diploma in Childcare etc.

· Salary detail: Experience, education, place, and skills decide a nanny’s salary. Initially, the salary is around $16.15 per hour. It increases as they start gaining experience.

2. Owner or Worker of Childcare Center

Owners of childcare centers have to inspect periodic actions going in the child care centers. The specialists in these works come from various academic backgrounds, which include graduates and having bachelor’s degrees. Having a license is a vital requirement with states mandating.

· Conditions for working: The work pressure on the owner of a child care center is similar to the work pressure of any school authoritative. They have to take care of whole authorization, which includes the workers, the children under the care of the center, the facilities, the faculties, staffs and all members related to the center.

· Education required: To run an authorized section you need to be highly qualified. Qualification in this field requires a High School Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, CDA (Child Development Associate) Certification etc.

· Salary details: There salary starts from $72,670 per year. It keeps increasing every year. The increment depends on the growth and development of the administration.

3. Gym owner or teacher of children

The work of gym owner is to give the children some fitness training in different forms. It may be in the form of dance, gymnastics, different kinds of sports, karate, exercises, yoga etc.

· Conditions for working: This work requires lots of patience. You may have to repeat one thing for many times without getting irritated. You should have proper knowledge of body fitness. You need to have specialized education and understandings about the bones and muscles of the children because they have lots of sensible parts.

· Tools and technologies: You should have perfect knowledge of gym equipments required in the gym training. As we know that technology is growing very fast, so in that case, you might have to use developed equipments for better results. It is a little bit stressful, but by working you will start loving this work.

· Education required: Qualification is a very important part in this field. The required qualifications are Certificates in First Aid, High Qualification in Sports Studies, B.Sc. in Sports Science, Fitness and Health Management and other related fields.

· Salary details: The salary of these gym owners starts from $34,158 per year. It increases based on experiences.

4. Pediatrician

Pediatricians are the physicians who take care of the children and babies. As a pediatrician, similar to anesthesiologist assintant career, you will have lots of benefits. By building a career as a pediatrician you can hustle a good payroll in this employment as this job has many growing vacancies.

· Conditions for working: This is the happiest job you will ever find. You can work on your own clinics as you want whenever you want. You should have good knowledge and patience because the age of the children would not be limited the children can be of different age.

· Education required: Pediatricians are the kind of doctors so in that case you have to get a complete four-year degree of college then you have to proceed for medical schools. For this, you have to qualify with the Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathy degree. After graduation, you have to spend three more years in the training of residency. Then you have to get a license for practicing. Then you would get a certificate from the board. To gain this successful life you will have to go through a long process. But if you love children, then this is the best line of work for you.

· Salary details: In the beginning, a pediatrician can make a salary of about $43,000 per year. Senior pediatricians can make a salary of about $197,074 per year. Well in the private sector, salaries are increased here and you can earn $210,718 per year.

5. Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner is a wellness charge provider who practices in various care sectors like incisive care, victim care, and specialty surgery center. Sometimes they work as faculties in the organizations and universities of health. They are so advanced in their education field that they are similar to doctors.

· Conditions for working: For this work you have to soft-hearted, sensitive, patient and should not be judgmental. You should have perfect interpersonal skills to attend the patients, families, and others calmly.

· Education required: For this job you need to have a degree of BSN (Bachelor’s in Nursing), should clear the National Nursing exam, MSN (Master’s Degree in Nursing) or DNP (Doctorate in Nursing Practice) etc.

· Salary details: You can earn a salary of $127,250 annually.

6. Pediatric Nurse

This job is very much similar to the pediatric nurse practitioner only the difference is their degree. Their degree is a level down from the nurse practitioner. And because of this, they can just work as a server for the patients and other professionals.

· Salary details: Their salaries are about $36.23 per hour.

7.Neonatal Nurse

These nurses play a vital role in taking care of emergency cases of sick newborn babies. Their presence is essential when surgeries are going on. They don’t just take care of babies but also serve other professionals in the hospital.

· Conditions for working: They should be highly trained. They should have little knowledge about medicines.

· Education required: They just have to get the degree of Post Basic Diploma in Neonatal Nursing.

· Salary details: These nurses get a very low salary. Their salary is $1,718 per week.

8. Labor and Delivery Nurse

These nurses are only useful for the patients who are suffering from labor pain and are going to have a delivery.

· Education required: For this job you need is the degree of BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing).

· Salary details: They have very low salaries. Their salary is $34.09 per hour.

​9. Doula

The person who supports and supervises to the mother during pregnancy and after birth is known as Doula.

· Education required: For this, a person has to be Certified Childbirth Educator.

· Salary details: Their salaries starts from $46,000 - $60,000.

10. Obstetrician

A qualified surgeon who has the special knowledge about pregnancies, childbirth and women’s reproductive system.

· Education required: They need a degree of MD (Doctor of Medicine) in Gynecology and after graduation; they must complete their MBBS degree.

· Salary details: In this job, you can earn $208,573 annually.

11. Lactation consultant

The person who is trained to teach the mother the process of feeding their babies is known as a Lactation consultant.

· Education required: They must have the knowledge of Biology, Anatomy of Humans, Physiology of Humans, Infant development, Sociology, Psychology etc.

12. Baby Photographer

A photographer who specializes in the photography of newborn babies is known as Baby Photographer.

· Education required: For this job you need to have Bachelor’s Degree in Photography.

· Salary details: They earn from $70,445 – $88,193 annually.

These are the perfect health care careers related to babies that could help you in building a successful career.


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